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The Capitol Regions Premier Turntable Repair Location


Brian Ostrander  Recommends Spa City Music

     "Needed a new set of eyes on my turntable, couldn’t get it dialed in, left it with Jeff and 2 weeks later my vintage table sounds every bit as good as a Linn/grace/shure combo should, thanks again."


Looking for a new or vintage turntable? Or simply need your current one serviced? They you have come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of warrantied, fully serviced, vintage turntables at affordable prices. Stop in to try some out. Try before you buy at Spa City Music!


     With over 15 years experience in restoring, repairing, and calibrating turntables there is virtually no make or model we cannot fix. We offer everything from professional setups to full restorations. With honest repair estimates, and fast turnaround times, Spa City Music can get your turntable ready for years of flawless operation again. 

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