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The Bijou Artist Space

2639 Route 9, Malta, NY 12020

     Introducing Saratoga County's Premier Recording Studio and Artist Space. Developed by musicians for musicians. Our goal is to bring you the most relaxed, efficient, and authentic recording studio experience on Earth. We realize that the best music is made when the artists are in tune with their surroundings. So that's exactly what we do, provide a comfortable, relaxed, not rushed, environment. Allowing you and us to focus on what is most important. The final product!

Music is Forever

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Abstract Waves

700 Square Foot Practice Space


     Need a large, clean, place to practice, jam, or live stream an event? The Bijou Artist Space has you covered. We offer a fully equipped, 700 square foot room where artists can, gather, practice, and even live stream events directly to their fans. The basic rate is $125 for a 4 hour block. Contact us today for more info on rates and live streaming.

Live Stream Shows & Events


     Looking to live stream an event or concert? We have 700 square feet of prime live stream real estate available for you. Reach your audience worldwide, and instantly with high quality video and audio. Streamed online from the Bijou, and easily viewed in real time from any device. From rock shows to piano recitals, we can make your audio and video needs a reality.

Restored Iconic Vintage Keyboards


     We take extreme pride in our keyboards. We truly offer the best vintage keyboards in Upstate NY, and we stand behind that statement. It's not enough just to "have" these keyboards in the studio. They have to be Stage and Studio ready at all times, and this requires a lot of maintenance. At the Bijou we have a dedicated technician who specializes in restoring and maintaining all makes and models of vintage keyboards and organs. All our keyboards are truly fully restored, perfectly dialed in, with amazing feel, action, playability, and most importantly outstanding, authentic vintage tone. Our current list of keyboards is: 1976 Rhodes suitcase electric piano, 1974 Wurlitzer 200a electric piano, Honer D6 Clavinet, Hammond XK-1C organ, 1968 Farfisa Fast 4 organ, 1965 Farfisa Compact organ, Roland fp-90, Roland Juno-X Synth, Yamaha DX7 Synth, Odyssey ARP Synth and a Nektar Panorama 6 Midi Controller. All available for studio use and live rental off site. Call today for more info.

Professional Grade Recording Studio


     This is the central nervous center for The Bijou Artist Space. Fully equipped with a perfect blend of state-of-the-art and vintage equipment.  An attached, dedicated vocal booth, combined with an extensive microphone collection allow us to create warm rich vocals with ease.  Our award-winning lead audio technician will be there every step of the way, to ensure your recordings are of the absolute highest standard possible.  Quality equipment, relaxed environment, and amazing personnel is our focus, and it shows in our end product. 

Historical 40 Channell Analog Board


      The Bijou Artis Space has TONS of mojo and that all starts with our one-of-a-kind 1976 DDA 40ch mixing board. Purchased by THE EGG in Albany when they opened their doors, this board is impressive and sounds amazing.  Plus... it has serious musical history! Now it has found its way to us here at the Bijou Artist Space in Malta, NY. And we plan to USE IT! We fully restored it, calibrated it, and now it's 100% functional, and ready for use. We promise you that this board will add that "flavor" that just can't be replicated with anything else. Unique in its design, this monster mixing board is a precursor to the famed Midas XL Series Boards. It was designed for one purpose, high quality audio recording and playback. And it does just that! Come join the greats like Herbie Hancock, John Mayall, Robert Hunter, Ray Manzarek, Buddy Guy, and so many more. Plug in to this piece of musical history today and take your mojo to the next level.

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