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     The ZuweiUSA Custom Series is truly the pinnacle of price and performance. The raw parts are shipped from our overseas factory to our USA shop where our builders finish, fit, and professionally set them up. This allows us to offer the consumer a professional grade guitar, that is hand sanded, hand stained, and hand finished. All our custom guitars will arrive 100% stage/studio ready with Ernie Ball 10s. These are built with attention to playability detail. Things like exact neck angles, level polished frets, low action, tremolo stability, excellent tone, and how to control that tone best. Each is one of a kind, and no two finishes will ever be repeated. These are available to demo in our Upstate NY shop. No one will ever have the same guitar. If you would like us to build you one from scratch, in a specific color please send us a message.  

     All ZuweiUSA Custom Series guitars are covered in 5 coats of hot wax. Yes wax! Not only is this a 100% Eco-Friendly finish it looks and feels stunning when polished. The unique heat treatment we use between every application generates a hard, shiny surface that allows the body to resonates much better than poly coated guitars. These guitars will also relic at a much faster rate than a poly coated guitar. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity from the USA Custom Shop.  

     Purple Rain is part of our antique inspired introductory line. Constructed with a basswood body, maple neck/fretboard, and a 4-ply white pearl pickguard, creating and a super clean, sleek look. The one-piece C/D shaped neck is hand stained, sanded to perfection, set to exactly 1 degree, and then simply oiled.  A 12" radius fretboard is topped with 22 medium/jumbo frets creating a smooth, comfortable, fast playing experience.  At 12”, this flat maple fingerboard allows for easier chording and feels great for rhythm playing, but can also still handle heavy bends during lead playing. Maple is a dense wood that produces bright, snappy tones, articulate notes with bite and a tight low end. 

     Installed is a 11.5K bridge pickup. We Integrated this quality Korean made pickup with a Alpha quarter size volume pot, and custom dragon eye dial.  These are professionally wired, straight to the pickup, for a clean, pure, full, sound that will impress even the most critical of ears.  The entire cavity is covered in copper and grounded to the pickguard. These guitars have ZERO hum and are silent when plugged in, even when not touching the strings. They are ideal for recording studio situations where excess noise is unwanted.

  The Floyd Rose is dialed in! All threads are tight with Teflon tape, the bridge is level and has been raised off the body allowing the player to bend the strings in both directions.  We used quality chrome tuners combined with a string locking system to ensure stable tuning even when the guitar sits for a while. These stay in tune extremely well. We also use a small ball bearing locking system to ensure the tremolo bar stays exactly where you want it.  They have all been tested in our shop prior to listing them. The Floyd Rose is rock solid, bends in both directions, holds tune, and is perfectly set-up. This we guarantee. The guitar ships with a padded gig bag, and a decorative purple strap. For an additional $100 fee we can provide a flat hard case. 

     If you want to use a different gauge string than the Ernie Ball 10s that are installed, please let us know, and we will install them for you. Any change in string gauge will require some adjustments to the Floyd Rose. And we feel more comfortable doing this for you. So please let us know what size strings you prefer. We are truly striving to make these guitars the best playing guitar in your arsenal. That being said we can offer you a 7 day trial once it arrives. If you do not simply love your new guitar you can send it back, however you will have to pay the return shipping fee. A small price to pay to test drive an Assembled in the USA guitar for an entire week. If you have any questions please ask. Buy an instrument that plays above its price tag, not one that struggles to meet it. ZuweiUSA 




Model NumberBFR-1009
SeriesLimited Edition 
Number of Strings


Body FinishHard Wax
Body ShapeStrat Style
Body MaterialBasswood


Bridge Pickup11.5K Humbucker
Neck PickupNA
ControlsVolume - Quarter Size Alpha
Pickup SwitchingNone
Pickup ConfigurationH



Neck MaterialCanadian Maple 
Neck ConstructionBolt-On with Graphite Reinforcement
Neck FinishOiled
Neck ShapeC/D
Scale Length25.5" (648 mm) 
Fingerboard Radius12" (305 mm)
Fingerboard MaterialPoly Coated Maple 
Number of Frets22
Fret SizeMedium/Jumbo
Nut MaterialMetal
Nut Width42mm
Position InlaysDot
Truss Rod NutStandard Top Adjust
NutLocking String System



BridgeLicensed Floyd Rose
Hardware FinishChrome 
Tremolo ArmChrome Metal No Tip
Control KnobsPurple Dragon Eye


StringsErnie Ball 10s
Strap ButtonsEye Hook


Case/Gig BagPadded Gig Bag
Included AccessoriesTremolo Arm, Hex Keys 

ZuweiUSA Custom Series - Purple Rain

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