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This Solid Sikta Spruce Top Dreadnaught Top is complimented by Rosewood Laminated sides. This guitar fulfills all the requirements todays musicians demand and looks great at the same time. If you are looking for a Quality, Reliable, Excellent Sounding, Solid Sitka Top Dreadnaught guitar and don't want to "break the bank", then the Zuwei ST-200EQ is for you. This guitar plays far above its price tag especially if you are a beginner or intermediate player looking fro a guitar you wont have to upgrade at an affordable price.
     The Top of the ST-200EQ is a constructed from hand selected,  kiln dried, SOLID Sitka Spruce tone wood. The sides are a durable and resonant Rosewood laminate. Sikta Spruce and Rosewood are well knows renowned for its ability to create some of the best sounding and playing guitars on earth. The C-Shaped hand finished Mahogany Meck and durable Ebony Fingerboard add to the instruments playability, durability, and looks. They have topped that off with Twenty, 2.2 mm medium sized frets dressed with real AAA grade abalone inlays. To complete the aesthetics the sound hole inlays are real abalone and edge binding are artificial abalone. These quality guitars sport a Standard X-Bracing pattern for great resonance and strength. The 43mm Nut and 72mm Saddle are both made from real cattle bone. The elegant Gold Grover Tuners guarantee this guitars tuning stability when needed most  A FISHMAN 101 EQ with built in tuner, comes already installed so this guitar is literally PLUG & PLAY. A high gloss UV protective poly lacquer finish will protect your investment for years to come. A Brand new set of Light Gauged D'Addario 80/20 Bronze Strings will be installed after the order is placed. Also included is a stick on Pickguard,  and the best part of all.... To protect your new gem a High Quality Hard Case! This is a quality Sitka Spruce Top Dreadnaught Guitar at a great price point considering the build quality and features included.  Buy an instrument that Plays Above It's Price Tag, Not One That Struggle To Meet It! All ZuweiUSA guitars are set-up, guaranteed, warrantied, and serviced in the USA by hard working Americans.

NOTE: For a $30 fee we can EXCANGE a FISHMAN Presys Piezo/Mic blend pre-amp on this guitar.

SETUP INFORMATION: With In-House Techs we have the unique ability to offer these guitars to YOUR exact preference in regard to the SETUP. We use digital string measurement techniques to guarantee extremely accurate string heights at both the nut and the 12th fret. If you do not specify your preference the guitar will be setup per our STANDARD SETTINGS.


STANDARD STRING HEIGHT: NUT: Low E-.70mm  A-.70mm  D-.65MM  G-.65mm  B-.60mm  High E-.60mm
                  BRIDGE: Low E - 2.5mm decreasing to 2.00mm at High E

LOW STRING HEIGHT:           NUT: Low E-.70mm  A-.70mm  D-.65MM  G-.65mm B-.60mm  High E-.60mm
                  BRIDGE: Low E - 2.25mm decreasing to 1.75mm at High E

HIGH STRING HEIGHT:         NUT: Low E-.70mm  A-.70mm  D-.65MM  G-.65mm B-.60mm  High E-.60mm
                 BRIDGE: Low E - 3.00mm decreasing to 2.50mm at High E

Zuwei ST-200EQ With Hard Case

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